There are many things to consider when doing a roof replacement. Pitch of the roof, layers of roof coverings to be removed, and material to be installed. It is a good idea to have Roof Recovery or a comparable roofing contractor come out and inspect the roof to make sure you can plan budget accordingly for your roof replacement.

The pitch of the roof can make a huge difference in cost. Most contractors will have a jump in price when the roof pitch is greater than 6/12 slope and a even bigger jump in price if your roof pitch is over 8/12 slope.

Most of the time when a roof has multiple layers on, it normally has asphalt shingles on. Some roofs have up to 3 layers of shingle. In some cases you will find roofs that have wood shingle on the bottom and asphalt shingle over the top of the wood shingle. This can make a difference in price as the labor is very intensive when it comes to removing multiple layers of roofing coverings.

Prices can vary between different materials that you are looking to have installed on the roof. Some contractors install Owens Corning and some install CertainTeed. There is entry level products and Luxury products from both companies. Luxury shingle can cost you up to 30-40% more than the entry level shingle depending on the contractor you pick to work with. Tile roofs can cost even more.

The best way to be sure of what you can be expecting to pay is to have a qualified contractor evaluate the project and provide you with a free estimate and show you the different payment options that are available with your roofing project. Call Roof Recovery for a free estimate today!