There are many ways to meet title 24 Within the City of Sacramento & Climate Zone 12, below we are providing some information gathered from the Sacramento City Building Department.

Installing a Cool Roof-This is the simplest approach to meeting the requirements of Title 24, particularly for re-roofing because it defaults to installing a “cool roof” or other options (for re-roofing only). When the “cool roof” is installed, the prescribed requirements are met.

Exceptions and Alternatives which may apply to residential re-roof projects with a roof slope greater than 2:12 (steep slope roofs):

  • Mass roof 25 LBS. or greater (uncommon situation such as sod roof);
  • Air space 1 inch from top of roof deck to bottom of roofing- This approach is very popular when a new tile roof is installed with the elevated battens system (EBS), it is also a common approach when installing metal roofing like Gerard.
  • Roofing product has a profile ratio of raise to width of 1 to 5 for 50% or greater of the width of the roofing product.
  • Ducts already meet Section 150.1(c) insulation and duct leakage requirements.
  • Roof has R-38 insulation- Upgrading insulation adds one of the best benefits to your home. Since most homes only have an R-19 level of insulation, in most cases the insulation needs to be upgraded to an R-38 if you are not installing a roof that is title 24 approved (Cool Roof).
  • Roof has a radiant barrier-The radiant barrier has a great benefit and most homeowner install it when they get the chance because you can not install it later unless you tear off the roof and the plywood to install it. One of the brands we recommend when it comes to radiant barrier is LP TechShield.
  • No ducts are installed in the attic- Some of the older homes with no HVAC systems fall under this category as well as some of the homes with an elevated foundation with the HVAC ducts under the house.
  • R-4 insulation above the roof deck A Certificate of Compliance Energy form CF1R-ALT-0.