Many homeowners ask the question, should I be worried about the algae/mildew growing on my roof?

While mildew and algae doesn’t look very good on the roof, it is completely normal and it will not affect the integrity of your roof. According to the tile manufacturers the mildew and algae do not grow directly on the roof tile. The growth is actually caused by the amassing of dust and other organic materials that settle on the title’s surface. When moisture and sunlight are present, algae and mildew spores may begging to form. Many variables play a role in the growth of mildew and algae including the location of the structure, exposure to the sun, exposure to dew, surrounding trees and bodies of water.

How to clean off mildew and algae on the roof?

There are many solutions that can work. You can get a spray on solution that kills it and it falls off once it dries off. If you want a quicker solution you can have a licensed roofing contractor clean it off for you. Once the roof is cleaned off, you could have the contractor install a Zinc Strip on to avoid future growth.

Check out the link below to see how the ZINC STRIP can help.