The roof is arguably the most important investment in your home or place of business. When it comes to roof installations, it’s imperative that it be done correctly, since the roof has to stand strong for years. When it comes to roof repairs, the root of the problem needs to be handled so that you’re not spending money on multiple service visits for no good reason.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the Sacramento roofing professionals at Roof Recovery know your roof is serious business. That’s why we’re proud to offer a combination of exemplary craftsmanship, unparalleled attention to detail, and unbeatable customer service. Our team is proud to offer both residential and commercial roof repair and installation to the Greater Sacramento area. Regardless of what your roof needs, we can help.

Signs You Need A New Roof Or Roof Repair

If your home or commercial building is showing any of the red flags below, make sure to contact Roof Recovery for a free estimate.

  • Curled or cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles and bare spots
  • Torn, peeling, or missing flashing
  • Sagging roof
  • Sunlight visible in the attic
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Peeling or bubbling paint
  • Your roof has exceeded its lifespan

Your Sacramento Roof Repair And Installation Experts

Whatever service you need for your residential or commercial roof, our team will meet with you and provide you with a free and detailed estimate. Since we know just how much of an investment your roof is, it’s our job to ensure you receive a quality roof system at pricing that’s competitive and reasonable. For more information about our roofing services or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today