Beautiful Solar Roofing

Why Solar?

Rooftop solar installation gives you the power to lower your electric bill, cut your carbon dioxide emissions, and create a more sustainable home. You can save, on average, over $40,000 over a 25-year period with your solar installation. That’s the same as planting 1,772 tree seedlings or not burning 248 barrels of oil. Solar power also helps with the resale value of your home, as solar systems are highly sought-after in Northern California.

Why Us?

Roof Recovery has partnered with GAF Energy to provide the highest-quality rooftop solar installation in the area. We rely on their experience and expertise with solar installation as they have the best systems in the industry. They offer an unparalleled warranty on both workmanship and equipment, and their solar roofing design is crafted to help with water-shedding and requires virtually no maintenance (a rinse every now and again when it gets dusty to maximize its utility). We’d love to assist with your next solar installation project. Contact us today!