Choose The Roseville Roofers You Can Depend On

At Roof Recovery, we pride ourselves on being your Top Rated Local® roofing contractor in Roseville, California. You can see from over 250 five-star reviews that when we say they we deliver unbeatable customer service and outstanding workmanship, we deliver.

Roseville Roof Repair

We are happy to take on both major and minor projects and you will find that our roof repair quotes are extremely competitive. If your roof is leaking, you have curling or missing shingles, or you are experiencing some other indication that you are in need of roof repair in Roseville, call us right away.

Roof Installation In Roseville

Sometimes a roof is beyond repair and the more economical thing to do is to replace it entirely. Other times, if you are working on a new build, it is important for your long-term investment to choose a roofing company who will give you a high-quality roof that can last for decades with proper maintenance. Get in touch for roof installations in Roseville!