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When you’re looking for a residential roofing contractor for your home, you want to make sure you work with only the best. A quick Google search in the Sacramento area for “roofers near me” or “residential roofers near me” will give dozens of results. It can seem like there are more roofing companies than there are roofs in the Sacramento area sometimes. Choosing the right residential roofer is essential to getting exactly the results you want on your roofing project.

We’re going to go over exactly what you should look for in a roofer to ensure the greatest success in your roofing project, and why you should always choose Roof Recovery for all of your residential roofing projects.

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Selecting A Roofer for Your Home:

The Process

The process of selecting a residential roofer is a bit involved and should be: you are contracting with this firm to work on quite literally the roof over your head, the part of your home that covers everything else, and that you can’t live without. We’ve streamlined the process as much as possible; however, to try to touch on the essentials while also underlining any other important part of this process.

1. Get referrals locally.

When you choose a local contractor, there is less of a chance of any potential issues or scams occurring. They’re also more familiar with local rules and regulations than any national contractors might be, and they have established relationships with local work crews and suppliers.

2. Look for badges of honor.

Otherwise known as manufacturer designations, these “badges of honor” serve as recognition of the business’ legitimacy within the industry. Roofing contractors worth their salt should not only have them, but they should also be proud to share them with you.

3. Research them on the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau is a completely objective third party with one objective and one alone: to rate businesses based on customer feedback, how well they do their jobs, what kinds of licensures and certifications they have — basically everything about running a business. A high rating by the Better Business Bureau is essentially a guarantee of excellent workmanship.

If, on the other hand, the contractor you’re looking for doesn’t turn up on the website at all, that should be a huge red flag. Bad contractors and those with problematic licenses are known to blow in after a big storm or some other disaster looking to take advantage of concerned homeowners. Don’t be fooled by these “hanging out a shingle” contractors. There are plenty of residential roofing contractors in the greater Sacramento area who won’t leave you in the lurch.

4. Check that they have proper licensing and insurance.

In the State of California, you cannot operate as a contractor without being licensed by the state’s licensing board. Additionally, you will want to make sure your contractor carries worker’s compensation insurance, at a minimum, to cover their employees if anyone gets injured on the job. Make sure that your contractor is happy to furnish documentation both of licensure and of the insurance they carry. If they don’t carry insurance, an employee who got injured while working on your property may sue you for the damages they incurred.

5. Be mindful of safety.

A contractor who doesn’t have safety or training programs in place may be one to steer clear of. GAF, the roofing industry’s largest advisory body, trains roofers in applying best practices and safety concerns in their CARE (Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence) program and is proud to have trained more than 230,000 industry professionals to date.

6. Handle your own claim.

Contractors who claim to be able to handle your insurance claim for you may be breaking the law in doing so. Make sure you handle your own claim yourself and definitely don’t work with someone who tries to do it for you.

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7. Get an extensive warranty.

A roof should be sturdy for a lengthy period of time, and the warranty should cover not only the materials but the workmanship as well. Otherwise, you may be stuck paying for repairs that should have been covered under a better roofing company’s warranty from your own pocket. And nobody wants that to happen.

8. Know your material choices.

A good roofing company will help you explore the numerous options for choices in a roof replacement, including options that have nothing to do with the type of roof you currently have. They will make assessments and analysis based on where you live, what style home you have, what your budget is, and more. They will take this seriously and give you as much time as you need to select a material.

Of course, you can help by doing a little Googling on your own about types of roofs available and familiarizing yourself with what’s out there. Not only will you knock your contractor’s socks off with your expertise, but it’ll be a much more comfortable conversation for you both. Also, if you notice that your contractor is really pushing you towards a particular kind of shingle or roof and it’s one you’re really not fond of or is outside of your budget, you can say “no thanks” to them right then and there and find yourself a roofer who will take your concerns and care into consideration.

9. Pay your deductible.

A lot of “hanging out a shingle” contractors not worth your time will say they can start a project without you paying your deductible. This is straight-up insurance fraud. Don’t be fooled! You always have to pay your deductible before you can start roof repairs or installation, so if you have a contractor telling you otherwise, don’t work with them. Roof Recovery will be thrilled to help you out instead.

10. Don't give in to pressure.

Your residential roofer shouldn’t be pressuring you into anything. If they are, we strongly suggest you find a better residential roofer.

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What Our Customers Say

Of course, we can talk about the industry all day; what is really important is what our customers have to say about us. We are proud to report that we have 4.93 out of 5 Stars. That’s from 441 ratings on 7 verified review sites, including: Top Rated Local, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

Here are some of the things our customers took the time to let us know:

“Roof Recovery did a very good job replacing the roof on my barn. They replaced the old deteriorating roof with durable, beautiful steel roofing. All staff and workers were friendly and informative.”

-David S.

“Cosmin from roof recovery was very quick to have this work done. I was impressed with Roof Recovery. They did a great job on my tile roof repair. I highly recommend them.”

-Sandor N.

“Great work and dedicated to their craft. Great company - my roof started leaking, and they pushed my date/time up to ensure I got the service I needed before the big storm came!”

- Kimberly C.

“The crazy weather did some damage to a rental property that I have and I needed to get a repair done on my roof asap. I googled this company up and I got different quotes but I was sold with Roof Recovery because of their pricing and sense of urgency. Thank you again.”

- Rocio R.

“When we were in need of a roofing contractor, we called Roof Recovery. The whole experience was a pleasure, 100% job satisfaction. Since then, we have had a few other types of roofing needs due to needed alterations, Ben with Roof Recovery has always been honest, and fair priced. All the work was done on time and very professional. It is a pleasure to deal with a young company with old school workmanship and service.”

-Joe M.

“I was super impressed with Roof Recovery and would highly recommend them!!! I am a real estate agent and needed a roof inspection for my client’s home. They responded to me right away with an available appointment the next day. I received my inspection report the same day and Ben answered all of my questions thoroughly and promptly! I wouldn’t hesitate to have them inspect or do work on any of my client’s homes. They are true professionals!”

- J M

“The employees are very nice and they do a professional job . They gave me a good price on my roof didn’t try to charge me for something I didn’t need done . I recommend this company to anyone !!!!!!”

- Doina L.

“LOVED the service I received from Roy. Quality product, timely service, and fantastic customer service. He was extremely helpful in determining what was best for my particular house and went over every option and price with me. I am very picky and was hesitant about this process, but he made it comfortable and easy for me to choose. Very satisfied!!”

-Taylor F.

“I called Roof Recovery to set up an appointment and Ben came out the next day. I had previously called out another local company although they were not getting back to me after giving a high estimate for my roof leak. The price Ben gave me was a fraction of what I would have paid and the job got done quick. Highly recommend for anything roof related.”

- Riley V.

“Great family business. Andrey (estimator) took the time for a full review of needs, got the quote, later decided 1 part need not be done at this time, they adjusted the quote fairly, the work was done well, the 2 guys who actually performed (Cosmin & Landon) were courteous, professional, THIS IS MY ROOFING COMPANY on this new Roseville house we bought in April.”

- Bruce K.

“If I could give Roof Recovery 10 STARS I would. I had known that a new roof was in my future and had delayed it as long as possible, so when the time came I had a few company's come out and provide me estimates. When I met Scott with Roof Recovery I was sold! Not only was Scott prompt and courteous but he was honest and explained everything so thoroughly that I was confident in proceeding with getting my roof taken care of once and for all and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. Not only was Scott able to get me fully financed but he also went out of his way on a Saturday evening to come tarp a section of my roof because it was supposed to rain, and he was so kind not to charge me for his time or materials. The process went exactly as Scott said it would. Anytime I had a question or concern, I would e-mail Scott and he ALWAYS got right back to me in a timely manner. The end result is I am 100% satisfied with the job done and with Roof Recovery. Their honesty and professionalism is superb and hard to come by these days. Roof Recovery will forever be my go to roofing company. Thank You Scott and Thank You Roof Recovery!!!”

-Brandy J.

“Max contacted me and came out quickly. He gave us a fair bid & did a great job on removing our swamp cooler and patching & texturing the drywall. I will use him again as soon as he's available.”

- Kat E.

We have to be careful reading all of these wonderful reviews; our heads start to swell. We’re so grateful that our customers’ experiences bear out what we strive to do, always: provide excellence and quality in our materials, staff, contractors and more. We understand completely how important the roof over your head is: as far as structures go, home is everything to us. And we know it is everything to you. That’s why we consistently provide services and experiences that compel our customers to tell the world how we’re doing, and for those reviews and testimonials to be highly positive and speak to the quality of our values.

If you’re looking for a residential roofer in the Sacramento area, you’ll find a great many. If you want to work with a contractor who routinely and regularly works hard to ensure our clientele is getting the service you deserve, contact us today at Roof Recovery. We look forward to working with you.

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