1. What is a Cool Roof ?

    A cool roof is a roofing system that delivers higher solar reflectance. Cool roofs lower roof temperature on hot days and keeps the home cooler. A cool roof transfers less heat to the building below, so the building stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning. Historically, cool roofs ha…Read More

  2. How Can I meet Title 24 Part 6?

    There are many ways to meet title 24 Within the City of Sacramento & Climate Zone 12, below we are providing some information gathered from the Sacramento City Building Department. Installing a Cool Roof-This is the simplest approach to meeting the requirements of Title 24, particularly for re-r…Read More

  3. Concrete Tile Roof Growing Algae?

    Many homeowners ask the question, should I be worried about the algae/mildew growing on my roof? While mildew and algae doesn't look very good on the roof, it is completely normal and it will not affect the integrity of your roof. According to the tile manufacturers the mildew and algae do not grow …Read More

  4. How much does a roof replacement cost?

    There are many things to consider when doing a roof replacement. Pitch of the roof, layers of roof coverings to be removed, and material to be installed. It is a good idea to have Roof Recovery or a comparable roofing contractor come out and inspect the roof to make sure you can plan budget accordin…Read More