hand holding hammer to strike nail into roofing shingle

The choice between repairing your roof, or going ahead with that residential roof replacement, instead, can be a tough one, and it can be hard to tell how to make it. We’ll discuss how to get down to brass tacks with the correct criteria for a roof repair versus a roof replacement. 

Your roof is in need of repair if:

  • It only has a few shingles torn off and you can still find the same shingles to replace the ones coming off (because it is in new or like new condition)
  • There is severe damage to your roof in one concentrated area, such as if a tree fell on it, but the rest of the roof is fine and in relatively new condition


Otherwise, you probably want to look more towards a residential roof replacement in Sacramento. Simply put, the amount of time and money you would spend putting towards the repairs would likely cost nearly as much as a whole new roof anyway, so there’s no need to spend the money on costly repairs only to replace it a few months down the road. 


There are some telltale signs that a roof needs a replacement and not just repair work. These include:


  • Granules in your gutters: if tiny pieces of your roof’s shingles called granules are ending up in your gutter, your roof probably needs to be replaced. This shows that the exterior of the shingles is literally sliding off of the backing of the shingles on your roof, and are no longer an effective means of protection.
  • Light coming through the attic: if you can see shafts or pinholes of light coming into your attics, that means moisture can get in too, as well as potentially insects and other unsavory creatures you don’t necessarily want to be bedding down with every night. 
  • Buckling or broken shingles: if you have a lot of shingles that are buckled or broken, you’re probably going to be looking at a roof replacement rather than a roof repair job. Buckled shingles can mean a lot of things: impacts from animals, the weather, debris, swelling and shrinking, you name it, but once they’re getting buckled, they’re not coming back from it, and the only way forward is really with a new roof altogether. 
  • Sagging roof: a sagging roof is a sure sign of decay. If you have decaying and rotting wood in your home, you actually may need even more work than simply replacing your roof, depending on the extent of the damage. A sagging roof is severely dangerous and needs to be replaced immediately. 
  • Your roof’s lifespan:if it’s older than ten years, you may need a replacement. Most residential roofs have a life expectancy of about 20 years, after which time they really will need to be replaced. 


Residential roof replacement doesn’t have to be a huge blow to your time or your bank account, though. By employing modern roofing materials, many can be replaced in as little as a single day. This is for an average-sized home of course: the more rooftop you have, the more you’ll need to replace! Your local Sacramento area residential roof replacement company is always here to help. 


Contact us today for more information about a free estimate for your next roof replacement in Sacramento. We look forward to hearing from you!