silhouette of roofing contractor against blue sky

At some point, repairs just aren’t going to shore it up anymore, and you’re going to come to the conclusion that what you really need is a residential roof replacement. Roofs are built to last, but certainly not forever, and while it might seem like only a minute ago your roof was brand-new, take a step back and consider all that it’s seen: kids growing up, holidays, graduations, weddings, and family get-togethers — large and small. Your roof has probably seen you through a lot. It’s important to consider getting it replaced.

Some signs that you need a roof replacement are:

  • The roof sags
  • It’s 20-25 years old
  • There is evidence of mold in your home
  • You can see moss growing on the roof
  • Water is leaking into your home
  • Its shingles are visibly cracked and damaged


Also, if you have seen a spike in your energy bills recently, that’s probably a good indication that  your roof isn’t doing its job keeping your home insulated.


It’s important to know what you’re getting into when you purchase a roof replacement. Here are seven important considerations to make anytime you’re preparing to discuss replacing your roof with a roofing professional.


  • Make sure to focus on quality.
    Low prices are so tempting, aren’t they? But guess what: if you cut corners on the most essential component of your home, all you’re doing is ensuring you’ll be calling for repairs. Again. And again. And again. Workmanship and quality come at a cost, but is it a price too dear to pay for the safety and shelter of your family, your home, your life? Additionally, any residential roof replacement company should offer financing options for their customers. 
  • Investigate your options.

There are a myriad of options available for roofing substrate and shingles, and they’re all available for you to research and investigate before committing to one or another. Roofing materials evolve so rapidly that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll even be able to get the same shingles as before, and why should you? With roofing materials evolving at the rate that they are, you want the most updated materials covering your home. Your residential roof replacement company has numerous skilled professionals who can help you determine what the best roof will be for your home.

  • Shop around.

Compare options before deciding on a roofing contractor. Take it from us, we know this work better than anyone, and if we say it’s a good idea to shop around, shop around! Find out what kind of deals and discounts different roofers are offering. Get references from family and friends, neighbors, or anyone whose house makes you think, “gosh, I just love their roof!” 

  • Accept the noise.

Roofers trundling bundles of roofing materials, nail guns, and other commercial power tools back and forth across your roof are just part of the process. There is no way to install a roof quietly. When the day has come for your installation, plan accordingly. Your residential roof replacement contractor will be happy to work with you on this.

  • Read the paperwork.
    Doing so will guarantee that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and ensure that you aren’t being left on the hook for things like disposal of your old roof. They should also be following the local building codes and have the proper permits. 
  • Ask about what is going to happen to the refuse material from your old roof. 

Any residential roof replacement company in Sacramento worth working with will bring in a dumpster and throw the old roofing materials, then haul it away at the day’s end. But you might ask where they plan to park the dumpster and what their coverage is if your property is damaged by the dumpster — especially if your driveway cracks under the weight of it.

  • Ask about roof disposal itself. 

Specifically, ask if they will get rid of it for you. When doing a residential roof replacement, the old roof and its materials all become refuse. You want to make sure that your local roof replacement company in Sacramento will be disposing of the old one as part of their contracted agreement. 

These are all critical considerations to take into account when getting a residential roof replacement in Sacramento. If you have any further questions, your local roofer is always here to help.