So, it’s time to replace your roof, and it’s important to get the right roofing contractor in Sacramento. You want to be sure that you choose professionals who have your best interests in heart and will do a great job installing your new roof. A new roof is expensive, and you don’t want to leave that responsibility to just anyone. How can you choose the best roofing contractor for you?

Today we’ll go over 10 tips to help you choose the right roofing contractor in Sacramento. Let’s jump right in!

Know your material choices


If a roofer doesn’t give you different shingle options or, worse, if they are pushing you hard to agree to only the shingles they recommend, push back. Your roofer should be giving you multiple options and be able to tell you what the differences are, if a more expensive option is really worth it, what different shingles might add to the resale value of your home, and give you any further information you request. If they’re really pushy about a particular type or brand it may be because they are receiving compensation for their recommendation from that brand. If they only give you one choice or tell you that it’s going to be the same kind of shingles you have already, they’re not looking out for your best interests. Especially if insurance is paying for your replacement, it may be an excellent time for an upgrade or a different color choice that will better compliment your home. A good roofer is going to make these options clear.


Research BBB ratings


Sometimes roofers just show up following a storm or something similar looking for work. It can be tempting to hire these roofers, especially if they are offering a great deal. A great deal, though, usually means they’re leaving something out. If the company has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), on the other hand, it speaks highly to their being an established business, and one in good standing. 


Check for proper insurance and licensing


In California, roofing professionals need to hold a C-39 license and carry workman’s compensation insurance, even if the company does not have any employees. Many roofing contractors in Sacramento choose to purchase general liability insurance as well, so that they are protected from property damage claims, injuries outside of worker’s compensation, and other issues that may arise when working on other people’s property. Additionally, many choose to join a trade association, such as the Roofing Contractors Association of California. While affiliation with a trade group is not required, it speaks to the importance of that business to its owners and employees.


Look for specific manufacturer designations


These are considered a kind of badge of honor, because manufacturer designations require that the contractor pass certain requirements to become factory-certified. While some manufacturers have more stringent rules than others, these designations speak highly to the skill of the contractor and their dedication to their work.


Get referrals locally


When you choose a contractor from your community, there is simply less likelihood of fraud or scams. People love to recommend good roofing contractors, so ask anyone you know whose roof you admire if they’ll refer you. Local contractors are also more familiar with local rules, code regulations, inspection concerns and the like. Additionally, they often have good relationships with suppliers and crews in the area.


Be concerned about safety


The roofing contractor in Sacramento who most deserves your business is often the one with the best safety record. Ensuring that safety is a top priority speaks volumes about the business: it shows that they care about their employees, and they want to make sure injuries on the job are minimized as much as possible. 


Get a warranty


You should look for a contractor who is willing to warranty not just the materials for the roof, but also their workmanship. Problems with roofs tend to take a long time to show up, so if the roofing contractor isn’t willing to warranty their work — extensively — it’s not worth working with them.


Pay your deductible first


If your contractor tells you that you don’t need to pay your deductible in order for them to start the work on your repair or replacement and it involves using insurance to pay for the work, back away quickly. This contractor is suggesting committing insurance fraud and your own endangerment.  Your insurance deductible is your responsibility, and the contractor shouldn’t be inflating their estimate to cover it.


Never give into pressure


If your contractor is pressuring you to sign a contract, especially, if it’s going through insurance, before the insurance company has estimated the damage, watch out. They may say that they can work with whatever the insurance company decides, but really, they should be okay with waiting. Additionally, they should check the home thoroughly to make sure they agree with the adjuster’s assessment. 


Handling the claim for you


Insurance claims may not be handled or negotiated by your contractor on your behalf. In most states, it’s illegal, and any contractor who is going to open the door to potential legal action against you isn’t working for you. They’re working against you.


If you are in need of a roof repair or replacement, your roofing contractor in Sacramento would love to hear from you. Contact Roof Recovery today to find out exactly how a top-notch roofing contractor treats our customers. We look forward to hearing from you!