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Your Sacramento roof is supposed to last quite a long time: 50-75 years on average. So it can be easy to kind of forget about it, as long as it seems like it’s doing its job. There are a number of red flags you’ll want to watch out for, however, that may indicate that things aren’t going quite as well as you’d like up there. Here are some of the biggest ones we see on a regular basis, and what you can do about them.

  1. Granules in your gutters


If you have asphalt shingles, finding a gutter full of granules is indicative that they are beginning to break down. This might be over a single area if you get a particular spot that gets really weather-beaten, but it’s usually over the whole roof. Shingle granules can weigh down your gutters, too, causing damage to them, as well as potentially to your home’s soffits and fascia. 


If you find a lot of granules in the landscaping around your home, this may be indicative of damage to your gutters. All of this is bad news, and the first thing to do is contact your local roofing company to get an estimate of the damage. A reputable local roofing company in Sacramento will likely throw in the estimate for free when you schedule your roofing service with them.


  1. Overhanging tree branches


This is an easy thing to miss, especially since you’re not used to looking for it, but any tree branch that can scrape your roof can damage your roof. A too-long tree branch spells trouble for any roof; it can scrape off shingles or rip or tear them. This creates vulnerabilities where water can get in.


We suggest contacting your favorite arborist or tree surgeon if you have a problem with long, overhanging branches —  even if they are small and you can’t really see the damage too much. Then we recommend contacting your Sacramento local roofing company to determine what, if any, damage was done to your roof, and how to go about having it repaired.


  1. Debris on the roof


Tree branches and piles of leaves should be cleared as quickly as possible from your roof following a storm, so that you can inspect the roofing materials below them. Much of the time, this debris will cause damage to your roof as it slides across the roof before it meets its semi-final resting place on your roof. It’s best to check the conditions of tiles, shingles and other roofing substrates, then to assess what if any damage has occurred. And, it’s best to clear your roof of any debris as immediately as possible, as roofs were not really built to hold up piles of refuse for long periods of time.


When in doubt, always contact your local roofing company for an estimate on any damage that might have been done to your roof.


  1. Broken or missing roofing materials


If there is a hole in your roof, water can get in…along with pests, rodents, and other problems. If you see broken or missing shingles, tiles or other roofing materials, there is a good chance that your roof is letting in water, as well as who knows what else.


A reputable Sacramento area local roofing company will come and give you a reasonable estimate of the damage they assess on your roof. Most even throw in the price of the estimate if you sign with them to take care of the problem.


  1. Patches of mold or algae


One place you don’t want greenery is on your roof. If you do see areas of mold and algae growing, chances are there is rot occurring in the areas below it. This often occurs in a shady or isolated part of the roof. Your local roofing company can come out and do a full inspection to reasonably assess the damage and give you an estimate.


  1. Stains on the drywall or ceiling


These stains show that water has made its way well into your home. You may be looking at issues beyond a leaky roof including rotting insulation, damaged interior and exterior walls, potential invasion by pests, and more. Please, if you notice any staining on any drywall or ceiling area of your home, contact your local roofing company right away so that they can do a full inspection and get to the bottom of it.


One way to avoid any or all of these issues is to schedule an annual inspection with your local roofing company. We’re happy to assess all of the damages and issues all at once and come up with a game plan for mitigation and treatment to get your roof back into tip-top shape. Contact the friendly and experienced professionals at Roof Recovery in Sacramento today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to working with you!