If you need commercial roof repairs or a complete new install, finding the right roofing contractor is the first and most important step. When you start your search, the process can be daunting and time-consuming. How do you know if a particular roofing company is a good one? What things should you look for and how do you compare them against the hundreds of others out there?

Fortunately, finding the right roofer for the job doesn’t have to be difficult. It only takes a little bit of research to ensure you are working with a trustworthy and experienced company. When you’re ready to start looking, consider using the following checklist to find the right company for your needs.


This is the most important item on your checklist. Before you work with anyone, make sure they are licensed. They should specifically be licensed to work in your area since state and local laws can differ. You can usually find license information online, but if you can’t, don’t feel bad about asking the roofer for their credentials before agreeing to work with them.


Probably just as important as being licensed is making sure your roofing contractor has insurance. It seems like a simple thing that any good business would have, but you’d be surprised. Ensuring that whomever you do business with has insurance can be critical. If they don’t, and they incur damage to your property — or worse yet — one of their workers is injured, then you could be held financially liable. Not all states require a company to have insurance, but you don’t want to work with one that doesn’t.


If you had to go to a doctor for a major medical procedure, would you choose someone who had just graduated from school and had little to no real-world experience, or would you look for a seasoned professional with years of on the job practice? Ok, perhaps comparing your health to a roofing project isn’t quite the same, but in both situations, you’d want to work with someone that you can trust to do the best job.

This is where you do a little bit of research. Check to see how long they’ve been in business and what kind of work they specialize in. If they’re a small team that has only done residential work, you may not want to hire them for your large commercial building. And while a new company doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be able to do a great job, you’ll want to make sure the people working for that new company have the proper experience.

Reviews and Testimonials

You’ve confirmed that your potential roofing contractor is licensed, insured, and appears to have plenty of experience, but how do you know what they’re really like to work with? Reviews and testimonials will provide candid feedback from actual clients to help you understand if your potential roofer is someone that can get the job done right and on time, or if they’re someone that will only cause problems and headaches.

A word of caution — don’t take all reviews as gospel. Everyone has seen the reviews where someone gives a one-star rant about how the company was one minute late getting the job done and therefore they are unreliable and you shouldn’t work with them. Use common sense when reading reviews, and if the consensus says they are good to work with, they probably are.

Choose Local

Choosing to work with a local company is important for several reasons. First, a local company is usually more convenient to work with and is more available to you when you need them. Be aware that if you ever need to have roof repairs performed while your roof is still under warranty, a company that isn’t local may be harder to track down. Plus, there is always the risk that the company has moved or gone out of business.

Another reason to choose a local company is that they will be aware of local roofing laws, which can differ by state or even county. The last thing you want to do is hire someone to do the job and then find out that it doesn’t meet code.

Customer Service

You can find out a lot about a company’s customer service thought reading reviews and testimonials, but another thing to consider is the little “extras” a company will do to make working with them easier. It’s these little things that can make a big difference when you’re comparing companies and trying to decide who to work with. For instance, sometimes it’s difficult to even get in touch with someone to ask a few questions or schedule an appointment. Therefore, a company that has a streamlined process for getting estimates or making appointments online would be a big benefit over a company that you are constantly playing phone tag with.

Choose Roof Recovery and You Won’t be Disappointed!

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